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Platinum Eternity Rings – Renewing Your Vows

Platinum Eternity Rings – Renewing Your Vows

Renewing your marriage vows has become a popular way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to your relationship. Just as there are no rules to when to buy eternity rings, there are no rules about renewing your vows – couples tend to decide to do it whenever it suits them. It is, however, the perfect time to present your loved one with an eternity ring.

Platinum Eternity rings and renewing your vows

Today, couples can choose to renew their vows in a wide variety of ways. From a simple ceremony with just family present, to an event that’s almost like a second wedding, couples like to publicly re-state their commitment to one another. It can be particularly important for some couples to renew their wedding vows in front of their children who, in most cases, didn’t see the commitment first time round. It can also be a key way to renew the relationship after it can gone through a difficult patch, or after one partner has been ill or absent. Here’s why eternity rings can be part of this important ceremony:

  • Symbolism – the eternity ring symbolises everlasting love and so it’s the perfect gift to give at a renewal ceremony. You may want to exchange rings as you did in your wedding ceremony, in which case both partners can give eternity rings – there’s no social stigma to the man wearing more than one ring.
  • Tradition – eternity rings have always been given during the course of a relationship as a further sign of the commitment of one partner to another. Although renewing wedding vows has only come into fashion comparatively recently, eternity rings are one of the most popular traditional pieces of jewellery for men to give their wives once they have been married for a while. This tradition makes the eternity ring an essential part of your vow renewal.
  • Romance – there’s no escaping the fact that renewing your wedding vows is one of the most romantic things you can do. It’s stepping up to re-affirm your commitment in front of family and friends, as an older, more mature couple who knows exactly what they’re promising and why. An eternity ring is the best possible symbol for this occasion.

If you’re planning to renew your wedding vows, don’t forget to think about eternity rings and what they can add to your ceremony.

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