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How to Create a Themed Wedding

How to Create a Themed Wedding

When planning your wedding have you thought about having a theme? No? Why not? It could be amazing!

Themed weddings have got something of a bad reputation amongst brides-to-be as they can be hard to pull off and can often look cheap, but here we are going to show you how to do a theme – the right way.

enchanted wedding

Photo source : Geograph

Enchanted Garden

Think Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or Pan’s Labyrinth. Hold a mystical and romantic wedding with an enchanted garden theme.

Hold your wedding in a manor house in the countryside and hire a marquee or tipi to be erected in the lush grounds. Adorn the venue with wild flowers and use small trees adorned with cherry blossoms or fairy lights as the table centrepieces.

Surround the seating plan with a frame of flowers and give bridesmaids garlands to wear. This wedding theme is all about simple elegance and getting back to nature.

flower girl






Have yourself an alternative wedding with a retro vibe by sticking to a rockabilly theme. As the bride have your hair in a beehive, wear red lipstick and you could even wear flats as a big part of this theme is calf length dresses with plenty of petticoats.

Lay polka dot tablecloths, use old records as place mats and top the event off with a live band. You could even exchange patterned platinum wedding rings! Rockabilly is far away from a classic wedding but with a clear colour theme of red, white and black it can look effortlessly cool.

photo source (head): Flickr


Wizard of Oz

Bring the magical Land of Oz to Britain with this theme. Instead of a red carpet lay out a yellow brick road for your guests to arrive on and shine green lighting onto the dance floor in order to represent the Emerald City.

Line the tables with centrepieces inspired by the wizard’s hot air balloon on blue gingham and give favours from the lollipop kids. Finish off the theme by carrying a bouquet of red poppies and wear some sparkly ruby red slippers.

Vintage Tea Party

Are you a bit of a mad hatter? Then why not have a tea party at your reception? Have your guests drink cocktails out of teapots and teacups and place birdcages or cake stands filled with flowers on your tables as centrepieces.

Treat your guests to desserts of cupcakes, macaroons and all things yummy from bone china set on lace doilies. Go for pastel colours and quaint patterns topped off with freesias and roses.

candle wedding    tea cups wedding


Photo source: Flickr


Photo source: Flickr


 Have we convinced you that themed weddings can be great? Let us know what you think on twitter.