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Matching Your Other Rings with an Eternity Ring

Although an eternity ring might seem like a simple proposition, you do need to think about a number of things before you commit to buying. One of those things is whether the platinum eternity ring will match the rings you already wear – or that you have already given to your partner.

Choosing platinum eternity rings

Although the style of eternity rings is essentially the same – a single band of precious metal set with stones around the shank – there are enough variations on that theme for you to need to stand back and make some decisions before you buy. It may be that your decision is easy – a simple band with a diamond setting, for example – but if you or your partner has a complex engagement ring and a matching wedding ring, choosing eternity rings could be more difficult:

  • Wearing the ring – eternity rings can be worn in a variety of ways, although many women tend to wear them on the same finger as their wedding and engagement rings. If the eternity ring is to be worn next to these rings, you need to think not just about how the rings will match in visual terms, but also how comfortable it will be to wear all three together. Wearing the eternity ring on a different finger will make this much less of a problem.
  • Stones – although many eternity rings are set with only diamonds, many people would like rings that also include the same stones as those used for their engagement rings. This means that you need to look for eternity rings that are set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds or other precious stones. You can often get eternity rings that are set alternately with diamonds and the stone of your choice and it’s worth looking around for one that has the cut and setting you want.
  • The band – if you or your partner already wears platinum wedding and engagement rings, it’s advisable to buy an eternity ring that also has a platinum band. The same goes for gold – whether it’s white, yellow or rose. This is especially important if the rings are going to be worn on the same finger, as a different coloured band will really stand out.

Of course, if you or your partner just wears a plain wedding band and no engagement ring, finding a matching eternity ring won’t be too hard. Matching stones and designs is more complicated, but with an ever-increasing range of eternity rings on the market, you should have no problem finding something to suit your needs.