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There’s Platinum in Them Craters!

There’s Platinum in Them Craters!

OK hands up those who knew that the platinum reserves mined on Earth are from meteorites that fell to earth millions of years ago? OK not many hands.

Yes its true, if you’re currently wearing a platinum ring it is very likely that the platinum you’re wearing has crossed the cosmos before it became your most loved piece of jewellery!

Now for the news

It’s a “Moon Rush” – There’s platinum in them craters! Scientists believe that the moon has a greater reserve of platinum metals than earth does because of the greater number of impacts from meteorites, comets and asteroids it received millions of years ago.

There is a genuine rush to get to the moon to start exploiting these hidden treasures. The number crunchers estimate that it would cost 20 billion dollars to start such a project with an annual return of 40 billion dollars. Money investors, you heard it here first at platinum ring company.

It’s going to be a long time before we start seeing any platinum being mined on the moon but still its nice to know that the platinum ring you’re about to purchase or have purchased has traveled where no man has been before. Platinum ring company offers a large selection of high quality platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding rings and platinum eternity rings and can confirm that no extraterrestrial is hurt during the making of them!