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Wedding Rings Next for Jolie Pitts!

Wedding Rings Next for Jolie Pitts!

Platinum wedding rings might very soon be on the shopping list for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as they finally announce their engagement after 7 years and 6 beautiful children.

The ring was custom designed by private jeweler to the rich and famous Robert Procop, a private jeweler designed the ring under Brads guidance. The ring took a whole year from conceptualisation, to design and manufacture. The first sighting of the ring on the actresses’ finger was at a viewing the couple attended at a Chinese Art collection at the Los Angeles County Museum in early April 2012. The engagement band is speculated to be worth approximately $250,000 and was made from the finest quality cut of diamond and designed to suit Angelina’s shape of hand perfectly.

Brad was previously famously married to Jennifer Aniston, who he presented with a diamond and platinum engagement ring back in 1999 and later married her in an extravagant ceremony where they exchanged platinum wedding rings. Once again the actor got heavily involved with jeweller Silvia Damiani to help in the design of the ring that was estimated to cost $500,000.

Angelina has also had previous marriages, she was married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller for 3 years between1996 and 1999 and also Billy Bob Thornton or 3 years between 2000 to 2003, shortly after the breakdown of her marriage to Thornton she adopted her first child Maddox.

Brad and Jens’s marriage ended after 5 years in 2005, it was reported he left her to begin a relationship with his now fiancée Angelina.Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina have six children – their first natural child five-year-old Shiloh and natural birth twins Knox and Vivienne, aged three. They also have three adopted children, Maddox, ten, Pax eight, and Zahara seven.  The pair had once insisted that they would not wed until American legislation allowed same-sex marriage but reported pressure from the kids sped up their decision. Maybe the children will help them chose their platinum wedding rings or act as ring bearers at the wedding ceremony.

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