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Bridal Accessories: Trusty Tips

Bridal Accessories: Trusty Tips

When selecting bridal accessories, there are important factors to consider. If you choose to overlook them, you’ll run the risk of ruining your overall appearance, perhaps by mismatching or be overdoing it with sparkle. To ensure you look the best on your big day, follow our trusty tips.

1. Be Open Minded

It’s all very well saying that you’re not going to wear this and you’re not going to have that, but being this way really narrows your options. Instead, try to be open minded. Many brides are often surprised by what suits them; in fact you probably know this from trying on wedding dresses. What you actually had in mind is usually the complete opposite to what wedding dress you end up with. And it tends to be the same with accessories. Perhaps you’ll discover that as much as you love gold, silver looks gorgeous with your complexion and hair colour. Be open to accessories that will suit your dress, even if you’ve never considered wearing these accessories before. Brides often focus on an accessory in its own right, but remember, this accessory will be accompanying your dress, and therefore needs to complement it.

2. Less is More

Of course, it’s not unheard of for brides to want to cover themselves head to toe in sparkle; they want to feel like a princess after all. However, it’s best to take a step back and ask yourself if you really need that much. If your dress is beautifully beaded, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to wear a glitzy tiara and diamond jewellery too. Less is more, so rather than adorning yourself in all things sparkly, choose a few quality items that complement your overall look. This way, your hubby-to-be won’t feel as though a walking chandelier is heading towards him when you walk down that aisle.

3. Don’t Fear a Tiara

The idea of wearing a tiara may not appeal to you, probably because you’ve never worn one, asides from when you were a little girl! However, you should embrace wearing a tiara as your wedding day is probably one of the only days you’ll have the pleasure of wearing one. So, when the opportunity to wear a tiara arises, grab it with both hands! There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, so if you’re worried you won’t find one that suits you, worry no more. Try plenty on to get used to the idea of a tiara; you’ll no doubt discover your inner princess!

4. Find a Perfect Match

Have you ever been to a wedding and winged it in terms of colour matching? Yes? Well, your wedding day is not one to simply ‘get away’ with matching shades. Accessories are made from various different metals, so in order to get a good metal match, it’s worth buying all of your accessories from the same company. It’s also important to match styles. For example, if your headpiece flaunts a romantic feel, it’s worth selecting jewellery that follows this theme. Styling may not be your ‘thing’, but you can always ask for advice in the store you’re shopping in, or your trusty bridesmaids! So, now you know how to perfectly accessorise your wedding dress, but have you yet bought your wedding ring? If not then be sure to take a look at our wide range of gorgeous bands including platinum diamond rings.