Below are our most frequently asked questions.

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Can I order more than one platinum ring so I can try them for size or to compare and return the unwanted platinum ring back for a refund?

Whilst we appreciate a selection of rings may be nice to have we encourage customers not to order several to choose from because the vast majority of our rings are made to order. Purchasing several rings with the intention of returning all but one comes at a great expense to us which compromises our ability to offer you platinum rings at great prices.

I'm trying to place an order for a platinum ring but keep seeing a decline notice after I have completed the payment process.

Decline notices are provided by your credit/debit card issuer. They are not given by us or our payment service provider. In this situation we highly recommend customers contact their card issuer to question why a decline notice has been given. In most cases we have found the card issuer has a security block, of a specific value, in place to protect the card owner from credit card fraud. Most issuers will lift the block for the one transaction after they have been contacted by the card owner.

How long will my platinum ring order take to be delivered?

Each of our platinum engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings have their delivery times listed in their individual Technical Specifications. Please contact customer support if you require an order by a specified date. We will do our upmost to accommodate.

Should I be worried about buying online?

Not at all. Our website uses a secure ecommerce payment service provider - Stripe. Stripe handle transactions totalling billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world.

Why should I buy a platinum engagement ring, wedding ring or eternity ring from the Platinum Ring Company?

Our platinum rings are the same as you will see sold at quality jewellers on the high street. The only difference is the price. We sell the same rings much cheaper, in most cases, 40% cheaper. Click here for more reasons to choose Platinum Ring Company.

What is the best way to determine ring size?

You can pop into any jewellery store and get your finger measured. Alternatively, use one of our ring sizers. This will ensure that your ordered platinum ring will fit perfectly (if measured according to the instructions). Click here to request a free ring sizer. We will send it to you by post. Make sure you measure your finger at different times of the day to get the right size. It is best to avoid any remake fees.

I have received my ordered ring and the finger size is correct as per my order but I have found the size ordered is not fitting me properly, what should I do?

If you order the wrong size platinum ring we can resize it for you at no charge providing the ring is returned with 28 days of receiving it.

You can return a platinum ring for a resize by visiting the Resizing page in the Customer Support section. You will be contacted by Customer Support once the platinum ring has been received back giving full details of the resize and the resize turn round time

What quality are Platinum Ring Company’s diamonds?

Our diamond qualities start from Colour H Clarity Si1 and upwards. Please see the products individual specifications for the supplied diamond quality.

What is the difference between platinum grades?

We only sell one grade. Grade 950. The difference is in the purity. For example, our platinum rings are 950 parts in a thousand platinum.

Do you offer an engraving service?

No we don't offer an engraving service at this time. The majority of the rings we sell can be engraved inside by a third party of the customers choice.

How do I get my platinum ring repolished?

We offer a polishing or refinish service for all platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding rings and platinum eternity rings supplied by ourselves Charges vary from ring to ring so please contact customer support for more details.

What if a platinum ring gets stuck on my finger?

If a platinum ring gets stuck on your finger add a little soap or hand cream, and it should come off easily. If your finger gets injured and swells, the ring can be cut off using a ring cutting tool. You will not have to lose a finger!

Do you make custom platinum rings?

No, at the moment we do not make custom platinum rings.

How do I know that a piece of jewellery is really platinum?

All UK supplied platinum jewellery is required to be hallmarked by law. The hallmark will stipulate the metals type and purity. Please see our section Hallmarking for more information.

I have received my platinum ring and it hasn't met my expectations. How do I return the platinum ring for a refund as per the guaranteed 28 day refund policy?

Yes, our 28 Day Money Back Guarantee means that you can return the platinum ring for a full refund providing it is returned to us unused, in its original packaging, within 28 days of receipt. By unused we mean, not scratched or worn in any way other than that expected when initially trying it on.

You can return the platinum ring by visiting the Returns & Exchanges page in the Customer Support section. This simple form will need to be printed and completed. Once the form has been completed enclose it with the goods to be returned following the mailing instructions at the base of the form. You will be contacted by Customer Support once the returned platinum ring has been received back giving full details of your refund.

Your platinum rings are 95% pure platinum, what is the other 5%?

The other 5% is Ruthenium. Ruthenium is a hard white acid-resistant metallic element that is found in platinum ores and is used to harden platinum jewellery.

What are the qualities of a diamond?

The qualities of a diamond are Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat or commonly known as the 4c's

Colour - Most diamonds of gem quality vary in shade from colorless to yellow. Other colors occur in diamonds such as brown, orange, pink, blue, etc. The most intense of these shades are determined as "Fancy" colors.

Clarity - Diamond clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. A perfect stone with perfect clarity, or clearness, is rare, and most flaws that do exist in jewellery grade diamonds cannot be seen without looking at the gems through a jewellers loupe.

Cut - How a diamond has been cut, polished, and to what proportions and symmetry, are of utmost importance since these factors determine the life, brilliance and dispersion of the diamond. If these cutting factors fall below standard, the appearance of the diamond will be adversely affected.

Carat - The weight or size of a diamond is measured in carats (ct.). A carat is 0.2 grams and there are 100 points (or 200 milligrams) per carat

Please contact our customer support team if you require any further information on diamonds or diamond certificates, we are here to help!

Please our section Diamond Guide for more details.

What is a GIA/IGI diamond certificate/report?

The GIA / IGI diamond certificate/report give's you the customer the confidence that the diamond you are buying is at the quality you want and more importantly paid for.

The GIA Diamond Grading Report has the assessment of a diamond’s 4C’s – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions. For standard round brilliant cut diamonds falling in the D-Z color range, the report also includes a GIA Cut grade.

The IGl Diamond Report is essentially a statement attesting to the authenticity of a diamond and provides a reliable and accurate report of its identity and grade based on an internationally recognised system. Each diamond is scientifically analysed by several gemologists who use their experience in combination with state-of-the-art equipment to produce an accurate description of the characteristics of the diamond and the quality of its cut. With its detailed information presented in understandable language, the different qualities of a diamond can be truly appreciated.

Please contact our customer support team if you require any further information on diamonds or diamond certificates, we are here to help!

How is my platinum ring order sent to me?

All UK platinum ring orders are sent by the Royal Mails special delivery service. This service is guaranteed next day delivery. International platinum ring orders are sent by International signed for mail, please see International delivery for more information.

Should I be worried about a high value platinum ring being sent to me?

No, the transit of all platinum engagement ring, platinum wedding ring and platinum eternity ring orders is our responsibility; we fully insure our parcels contents while they are in transit. The order only becomes the customer’s responsibility once received and signed for.

My platinum ring order is a surprise, will the parcel spoil the surprise if seen by my partner?

No, all platinum ring orders are sent in a Royal Mail special delivery polybag and there is no reference to the contents or our full company name. We refer to ourselves as PRCO Ltd on return addresses etc.

I've made an order but the money hasn't come out of my account?

Please contact customer support 0292 144 4971

I've made a platinum ring order with you but I haven't received my confirmation emails.

In some cases confirmation emails are not received because the email provided has been misspelt. If you don't receive an email within 24 hours of placing your platinum ring order please contact customer support with your name and address and they will make the necessary adjustments and resend an order confirmation email.

Do you buy secondhand platinum jewellery?

No sorry we don't, we only sell new platinum jewellery produced by ourselves or selected suppliers.

My platinum ring order is urgent; can I receive it quicker than the specified delivery time?

Yes, we will do our utmost to accommodate our customers needs. Please contact customer support with the full details and they will confirm within 30 minutes if a platinum ring order can be sent out to meet a stipulated deadline. Please keep in mind that some items of platinum jewellery are complex in manufacture and the delivery dates specified are applicable to detailed processes.

Does platinum scratch?

Believe it or not… platinum does scratch. All precious metals can scratch, and platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. Over time platinum develops a natural patina, which many people find just as attractive as a polished finish. See Caring for platinum for more details.

Should I be concerned about conflict diamonds being used?

We can confirm it is to the best of our knowledge that all diamonds used in our rings have passed through the Kimberly process. The process was set up by the Major diamond producing countries to insure that each handler of a rough diamond knew of it's origin. For more details on the Kimberly process please visit http://www.kimberleyprocess.com

How do I cancel my platinum ring order?

Please contact customer support with your order reference number and they will assist you with the cancellation. If the item has not yet been dispatched we will cancel the order at no charge. Please see our returns policy for more details.

How do I know if you have received my platinum ring order?

You will receive an order confirmation email from us. Sometimes Outlook considers emails as junk so if you don't receive an email from us please check your trash or junk folder. If you don't receive an email within 24 hours of placing your order please contact customer support.

Do you deliver Internationally?

Yes we do, please see International delivery for full details.

Will I receive my platinum engagement ring/platinum wedding ring/platinum eternity ring in a presentation box?

Yes, All our platinum rings are beautifully packaged in exclusive Platinum Ring Company designed presentation boxes making them the ideal gift and keepsake for your special purchase. Each comes complete with matching gift bag at no extra charge!

Do you charge for postage and packing?

UK platinum ring orders come with free postage and packing. Postage and packing charges are applicable to international orders, £15.00. Please see international delivery for more details.