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Unique Celeb Proposals

Unique Celeb Proposals
Does your partner love reading celebrity gossip magazines and follows what their favourite stars are up to? Perhaps they dream of being famous one day? If so, spoil them like a celeb by getting down on one knee with one of our platinum engagement rings and a location inspired by one of these celeb couples:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

One of the biggest and most recent engagements to hit the tabloid magazines was Kanye West’s engagement to the mother of his child, Kim Kardashian. With help from Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner, West flew out dozens of her closest friends and family to a San Francisco baseball stadium that he had privately rented. The couple entered the stadium to the sound of a 50 piece orchestra playing Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful and fireworks before the message ‘PLEEEASE MARRY MEEEE!!!’ appeared on the big screen. West proposed with a 15 carat $1.6million ring by jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz. And as she said yes, all her friends and family who thought they were there to celebrate her 33rd birthday, ran out from the dugouts to congratulate them.  

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Have you ever thought about proposing while on holiday? Or perhaps writing down how you feel about your partner? Then take a note out of Jordan Bratman’s book. The music executive proposed to Christina Aguilera while on holiday in Carmel, CA in a hotel room filled with rose petals and multiple gifts. Aguilera opened multiple presents, each with a handwritten poem inside before coming across the last box which held a 5 carat ring. 

Heidi Klum and Seal

When Seal and Heidi Klum got engaged he was lucky not to get a cold response? Seal went for the wow factor and the day before Christmas Eve arranged for a helicopter to fly the pair to the top of a glacier in Whistler. Here he got down on one knee inside an igloo built especially for the occasion. 

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon took advantage of the opportunity to have a celebration and used it as a cover story to keep his proposal to singer Mariah Carey a surprise. When Carey made history for a record number of number 1 hits the Empire State Building was lit up in her favourite colour. With a stunning view of the building Cannon covered the roof of their apartment with lilac balloons and supplied plenty of pink and lavender lollipops. Cannon opened a Ring Pop and passed one to Carey. When she opened it however there was not a sweet treat inside but a diamond engagement ring. Of course she said yes!  

Pink and Carey Hart

The engagement between Pink and Carey Hart was a little different – mostly because she did the asking! Back in June 2004 Hart was racing in the final stages of the California Pro 250 in Mammoth Lakes, CA. And as a doting supporter of her boyfriend Pink went along to watch the race. As Hart passed her however she was holding up a sign which read ‘Will you marry me?’ Hart drove off the track and pulled over forfeiting the race to say yes!  

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

If you treat your other half like a princess then propose to her like a queen by taking a leaf out of Prince Wills’ book. The Duke of Cambridge proposed to his now wife Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge while on holiday with friends in Africa. A complete surprise, the royal had been carrying around his mother’s engagement ring for weeks before the perfect moment arose.So, will you be proposing in a unique location with just the two of you like Seal or perhaps as an extravaganza in front of friends and family like Kanye West? So, will you be proposing in a unique location with just the two of you like Seal or perhaps as an extravaganza in front of friends and family like Kanye West? However, you do it we’re sure she will say yes.