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Wedding Rings and Trouble at Home

Every day seems to throw up new gossip in the tabloids and celebrity magazines. Rumours about whether a high profile marriage is on the rocks dog everyone from Madonna to Brad Pitt. God forbid any media aware celebrity walks around without wearing their wedding rings. But a few high profile figures have already got the rumour mill working full throttle. Sarah Palin has already generated a huge amount of headlines on the campaign trail in America. And perhaps because the Republican stands for deeply conservative values the press are more likely to pick up the slightest of mistakes. Being spotted without wearing wedding rings always prompts the question: Is there trouble at home? Vice President Palin was photographed without wearing her wedding ring and sporting a bandage on her hand. Rumours that her political candidacy was putting pressure on her marriage became rife.

Wedding Rings - A Public Demonstration

In the UK, a celebrity closer to home is being scrutinised in the tabloids after being photographed without wearing her wedding ring. The fashion guru from TV show, What Not to Wear, Trinny Woodall is said to be divorcing her husband. The pair are taking off their wedding rings after nine years of marriage according to the Daily Mail newspaper. A spokesman for Woodall told the press that the couple had sadly decided to separate, explaining why they had been seen without their wedding rings. The split has been blamed on Trinny's expanding work load. The fact that Trinny attended some fashion events in the summer without wearing her wedding ring first sparked rumours that there were troubles in her marriage.

Wedding Rings Too Bulky for Starry Couple

But celebrities who don't wear their wedding rings are not all on the verge of divorce. Glamour model Jordan, aka Katie Price has continually been plagued with rumours that her marriage to Peter Andre is on the rocks. Not wearing their wedding rings in public would naturally add to that speculation. But Jordan insists she doesn't always wear her wedding ring because it's 'too big'. She insists she's frequently photographed without wearing her wedding ring because their wedding rings are so huge, ãthey're not exactly practicalä. The star has also taken up dressage and horse riding which makes the wedding rings even less practical. Most couples opt for simple gold bands for their wedding rings so they can wear them day-in, day-out. But Katie Price insisted that the pair didn't need to wear their wedding rings to prove they are married.