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Celtic Rings: Ancient Design, Contemporary Style

Platinum Celtic wedding rings symbolize everlasting love, loyalty and eternal commitment, through ancient designs and symbols.

A never-ending circle of love

Platinum Celtic wedding rings are mystical symbols of perpetual love; there are many designs to choose from including the Celtic Weave, the Trinity Knot, the Celtic Love Knot, the Celtic Warrior Shield, the Celtic Weave and the classic Claddagh ring. Though all designs are different, most feature the intricate weaving of the strands (knot work) on the platinum Celtic wedding rings. The circular ring shape symbolizes eternal love with no beginning and no end, and the weaving design represents the timeless intertwining of lovers.

An ancient tradition of effortless beauty

You don’t have to have Celtic ancestry to choose platinum Celtic wedding rings. A Celtic wedding band not only has universal symbolic meaning, but is also a simple but intricate expression of beauty. The woven knots in Celtic wedding band designs denote two different paths that have come together and become entwined as one forever. Platinum Celtic wedding rings remind us of our mystical and eternal connection to another human being, using the most precious metal on Earth to symbolize the importance of this bond.

Choose the platinum Celtic wedding ring that speaks to you

When you are choosing the design for your platinum Celtic wedding ring, you and your betrothed may find that you are drawn to certain patterns. You may love the simple flowing design of the Celtic Knot, or want to see the beautiful Celtic weave design on both your ring fingers. You may want the symbol of strength that is the Celtic warrior shield, or desire to express your heart in each other’s hands with a traditional Claddagh ring. Whichever platinum Celtic wedding ring you choose, these enduring designs are a powerful expression of your eternal love and commitment.