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Timeless Platinum Engagement Rings

Timeless Platinum Engagement Rings

The lure of platinum

There is no doubt that there is something about platinum engagement rings and platinum rings, in general, that is rather special. With platinum engagement rings the colour of the metal seems to set off the sparkle of the diamonds perfectly. And of course, once you have one platinum ring, it is impossible not to want other rings in platinum such as your wedding and eternity rings. After all, it is important that they all match. As platinum is still the most expensive of precious metals, the wearing of rings made of platinum is likely to make the wearer feel a little more special. There is also a certain kudos surrounding platinum as it is the metal of choice for royalty and celebrities, so has become fashionable and renowned as a way of demonstrating wealth.

Advantages of platinum over other metals

Apart from the fact that platinum engagement rings have a way of making the wearer feel good about themselves, there are other more practical reasons for choosing platinum. A key advantage that platinum has over other precious metals is that it is hypoallergenic. This means that even if you have the most sensitive skin or suffer from any form of skin condition, the platinum should not irritate your skin. Platinum is also a flexible and malleable metal, far more so than gold or white gold. As a result, it is possible to fashion platinum engagement rings in unusual shapes above and beyond those commonly seen in rings formed from other precious metals.

Platinum is more hard wearing and durable than gold or silver meaning that it is perfect for holding diamonds securely and will stand up to almost anything. Your ring is likely to retain that significant sparkle that the diamonds have against the metal. In addition, platinum engagement rings should never need to be replaced as the metal will not become tarnished by oxidisation. So there are many reasons for choosing platinum for your engagement, wedding or eternity rings. If you want to be able to pass these items to the next generation then platinum is the perfect choice. Why not explore our site and discover more about the range of rings on offer.