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Wedding Rings: Choosing Together

The Platinum Ring Company offers ranges of both men and women's platinum wedding rings. Choosing wedding rings is an exciting time, as both you and your partner get to make the decisions. Previously, the proposing partner had to select the platinum engagement ring by themselves in order to surprise the other partner. While choosing engagement rings holds a certain level of illicit fun, it can also be a stressful time. Wedding rings are the one piece of jewellery that both you and your partner will wear continuously for the rest of your lives. Choosing wisely is very important; platinum is a great choice for many reasons.

In terms of practicality platinum wedding rings are a superb choice because they are hard wearing. Unlike other metals, when scratched the molecules in platinum simply shift, thus retaining the density of the piece. In other metals such as gold, a scratch of this nature would lead to a loss of density. Another practical benefit of is its hypoallergenic qualities, making it the perfect choice for those of you with sensitive skin.

Diamond set platinum wedding rings offer a great investment for the future, as the metal is one of the rarest on earth and as such has only limited supplies. Platinum is a great choice for reasons that are not as practical, such as the symbolic nature of the metal.  It is the internationally recognised 70th wedding anniversary symbol, which goes hand in hand with its representation of longevity. (Coincidently, this would be a great opportunity to buy your spouse a platinum eternity ring!) The first catalogued usage of the metal as jewellery was in Ancient Egypt and on discovery 2400 years later; the metal was still in pristine condition.

The exclusivity of this metal has also entered popular culture, as it is used to denote superiority and excellence. For example platinum credit cards are reserved for large accounts and a platinum selling single has sold a million copies.

Choosing your wedding rings together is made simple at the Platinum Ring Company. We have a massive selection to choose from including everything from plain platinum wedding rings to fancy celtic platinum wedding rings.