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What is Platinum and Why is it Special?

A platinum wedding ring is so much more than just a piece of jewellery. A symbol of a loving union between two people, it carries so much significance and meaning that choosing a wedding ring can be one of the most fundamentally important decisions of your life. Although gold is the traditional metal for these bands, platinum wedding rings have become a modern classic and are much more popular with those who prefer an alternative to gold.

Platinum is an extremely rare metal - 30 times rarer than gold. More precious than silver, Platinum's precious status and rarity compelled King Louis XV of France to declare it the only metal fit for a king. Hundreds of years later, platinum is still considered to be the most exclusive of jewellery metals. It is this rarity that makes it such an exclusive item and so special, particularly when formed into a beautiful platinum wedding ring.

Platinum is only found in a few locations across the globe, with most platinum coming from South Africa, Canada and Columbia. It is much heavier and more durable than pure gold (24 karat), which tends to scratch very easily and is rarely used for wedding rings. 18 karat gold – the most commonly used standard of gold for wedding rings – contains 75% pure gold, whereas platinum jewellery, including platinum wedding rings, is usually 85-95% pure platinum.

Platinum jewellery tends to be up to 60% heavier than gold because the amount of precious metal in the piece is significantly higher than that of an equal piece of gold. This, combined with the rarity of platinum, makes it more expensive than gold but it also means that it holds its value and is considered to be the most precious of metals.

Because of its durability and heavier feel, platinum has become a popular metal amongst men who are looking for wedding rings with a little extra exclusivity and style. The metal is particularly suited to more modern designs but also lends itself particularly well to classical styles such as Celtic knotwork designs. Platinum’s scarcity makes it highly desirable and its unique feel and bright lustre ensures its position as a luxury item across the world.