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Wedding Rings by Special Delivery

Have you thought about how your wedding rings will be delivered on the big day?

In 2007, a Welsh wedding was graced with the presence of a 3-year-old barn owl, which swooped down at the appropriate moment to drop the wedding rings into the hands of the best man. The owl, called Casber, belonged to the bride’s father, and had been specially trained to fly down with the rings at just the right moment. The bride and groom had complete confidence in the owl and said that guests at the registry office ceremony would be in for a wonderful surprise.

Owl Carries Wedding Rings

All jewellery or other items that are made from silver, gold or platinum should be hallmarked. This is a traceable mark that certifies that the item is made from the appropriate metal. Different qualities of metal have different hallmarks, so you know, for example, whether something is 18 carat gold or 24 carat gold. The presence of a hallmark should stop a retailer selling an item as one thing when it is really another. That's why, when you're buying your wedding rings, you should ideally check that your jeweller is supplying you with hallmarked wedding rings.

Spotlight on Platinum Wedding Rings

If you’d like to do something different at your wedding, the handing over of wedding rings is a good place to start. That’s because there aren’t actually that many opportunities for other people to participate once the wedding service is underway. You can always ask a friend to do a reading, or help with the music, but there’s real symbolism in finding an alternative way for the wedding rings to be presented to you. Think about:  
    • Themed weddings - as more couples go for weddings with a theme, think about how you can incorporate your wedding rings into the theme. If you're going for a really imaginative or wacky theme, make sure you don't leave your wedding rings out of the fun!
    • Symbolic wedding rings - if you have a particular story about your relationship, or something that you're both interested in, you can use this to arrange the delivery of your wedding rings. Perhaps it's a special person in your family, or the friend who brought you together.
    • Humorous - weddings are about serious commitment, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun. If your bride is mad about shoes, why not bring the wedding rings down the aisle inside a miniature, sparkly shoe? Using the things that people love can bring a really warn, funny and personal touch to your wedding.