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Everything Sorted for Your Wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, it seems there are 101 things to do and a million people to satisfy. It may be impossible to please everyone but you can ensure the day is as you planned it and it all begins with careful preparation.

The check list you started months ago is slowly becoming beneficial. The date and venue were first on the list and has a big red tick next to it.

Next up, the dress which has by now been chosen, numerous cakes have been tasted and the special three tiered cake has been ordered.

Next up are your platinum wedding rings and the meaningful romantic song for your first dance. The first dance is a popular part of any wedding. It’s a time where the newlyweds can be together, relax and show off their love for one another. It can often be a showpiece with many couples these days opting to have their first dance choreographed by professionals. It also serves as a signal whereby the start of true party time can begin where previously guests would be obliged to keep their dancing shoes hidden. Choosing the right song can often be a tricky affair. Many couples have a certain song which is meaningful to them and perhaps offers a happy memory from times gone by. It could be a song originally produced by a well-known band which has been covered by a local band or perhaps adapted for an acoustic feel. There’s the good old cheesy songs which still prove as romantic as ever, from Jack Johnsons “Better Together”, to Phil Collins “A Groovy Kind Of Love.” There are simply 1000’s to choose from. Our advice; don’t worry. Just start listening to music from a wedding perspective, you’ll know it’s the right song when you hear it. Unlike choosing the perfect song for your first dance, wedding rings are a lifelong and costly affair.

Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we offer a huge range of platinum jewellery. From platinum engagement rings, platinum eternity rings, and of course, platinum wedding rings. You might be somebody who can instantly look at something and fall in love (just like when you met your future spouse perhaps?).

Others may need time and assistance and in this case choosing the bands may be best tackled over a couple of visits. How you feel on each day can impact your choice with what you like one day you might not like the next.

Just bookmark the Platinum Ring Company website and the individual ring pages you like and revisit a day later to make the final choice.

Once done we are 100% confident you will love your purchase from the second they arrive on your doorstep. Don’t forget, if you decide you don’t like your platinum wedding rings when they arrive, simply send them back!