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Wedding Day Checklist: Part 2

Wedding Day Checklist: Part 2

Your platinum wedding rings will probably have been one of the first things on your list when you started planning your big day. Along with the dress and the venue it’s probably one of the most important elements of your wedding day and you will no doubt want to make sure it suitably fits with your platinum engagement ring.

At the Platinum Ring Company, we aren’t just here to make sure you get the platinum engagement ring or platinum wedding ring of your dreams, we want to help guide you through the whole process of planning a wedding, which can be extremely daunting, with so much to plan and many things requiring advance planning.

We have broken down the wedding process into manageable chucks. Our last article focused on wedding details that need tackling straight away, this article focuses on things that need to be done between 6 - 4 months before the big day. 6 months before your platinum wedding rings get exchanged:

1. Now is the time to think about ordering dresses for the bridesmaids, leaving plenty of time for this is essential so that the bridesmaids can leave time available for fittings.

2. This is the time to order your dress, you will need to leave plenty of time for fittings and adjustments and often many other items hinge on the ‘look’ of your dress.

3. Book the wedding transport now as availability gets booked up very quickly, particularly during the peak wedding season.

4. Choose and book your florist and start thinking about what sort of wedding flowers from flower shops in Houston you would like.

5. Book your wedding photographer, caterers, toastmaster (if you’re having one), any musicians or DJs, your hairdresser and make-up artist - it's a good idea to opt for a make up artist, they tend to be aware of what normally works well on camera and what doesn't, so there will be no mismatched foundation, shinny faces or caked in make up! 

All of these services should be booked 6 months before to avoid disappointment, it also gives you peace of mind - its important to secure the people you know and trust to provide these services. 5 - 4 months before your platinum wedding rings get exchanged:

1. Begin to compile a wedding gift list, you may decide to create a honeymoon fund or select a specific department store and keep your list there.

2. Get your honeymoon booked and don’t forget your travel insurance.

3. Confirm holiday leave with work

4. Start browsing around for wedding accessories like shoes, the veil or tiara, wedding jewellery etc.

5. By the end of the fifth month you should ideally have finalised your guest list

6. It’s a good idea to have the cake ordered around 5 months prior to your big day.

7. Now is also the time to order your stationery or you can make your own. There are some amazing wedding sites to get inspiration.

See part 3 for more help with organising your big day as it gets closer and closer. See part 3 for more help with organising your big day as it gets closer and closer.