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Free ring sizer

If you are worried that you may order the wrong size platinum ring then request our Free Ring Sizer. It’s the best way of ensuring the platinum ring you order fits perfectly!

Platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding rings and platinum eternity rings are important purchases and you want them to be perfect, getting the ring size right first time is important.  A ring sizer will allow you to test out different ring sizes before you place your order to ensure that when your platinum ring arrives it is the perfect size.

We all think we know our finger size but many are surprised to find it different to what they thought. Using our free ring sizer will hopefully avoid the disappointment of making this mistake. Please remember - like your feet, your fingers swell throughout the day. We therefore recommend that you measure your finger at different times of the day to ensure you get the correct (average) size.

Ordering from outside the UK?

If you are ordering from abroad and do not know your UK ring size, this Ring Size Converter chart should help.

Help is at hand

Please remember that our customer support team is here to help you so please contact us if after using the free ring sizer you are still unsure of what finger size to order. We'll try our best to assist you.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collections of platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding rings and platinum eternity rings

Order a free ring sizer


How to size your finger

Ring Sizer instructions

Using the ring sizer is easy…

  1. Simply slip the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.
  2. Slip the sizer over the finger and adjust to comfortable fit.
  3. Important - now gently slip the sizer back over the knuckle keeping the size reading the same. The sizer should slip back off the knuckle but must have a reasonable amount of resistance. You will instinctively feel if the size is right as you slip the sizer on and off just as you would trying a ring on.
  4. Simply slightly adjust the size belt if you think that sizer is slipping off to easy or is too tight.
  5. Now read the indicated size when the best fit is achieved on finger. (Size L shown).