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Will and Kate Approach 1st Anniversary

As we approach the 1st anniversary of our King and Queen of hearts - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the 29th April 2012 we see more and more people opting to share this day with them and signs that they are also choosing Platinum wedding rings.

There has been a trend among couples wanting to marry this year to share the same anniversary as the Royal couple, and therefore they have planned their wedding to coincide with the Royal’s big day. Many have even planned Royal themes into their wedding day. It is certainly a day never to be forgotten and quite possibly the most famous wedding in British, if not world history.

Hundreds of millions of viewer’s world wide tuned into the royal celebration and much to the delight of the nation, it was declared by the queen as a Public Holiday. Millions up and down the country partied in honour of the day, as London came to a stand still, barely being able to cope with the enormity of the crowds, desperate for even a glimpse of the Royal pair.

As well as incorporating Royal themes, couples are mirroring Will’s and Kate’s platinum wedding rings. Kate style dresses re-produced by high street stores and designers are also very popular, as well as Pippa Middleton bridesmaids dresses - Pippa’s derriere was nearly as famous as the day itself.

One of the more unusual products being released to mark the worlds most famous couple’s anniversary, are some Mattel Wills and Kate Barbie dolls. Doubtlessly these will be a best seller. The Barbie gift set contains Wills and Kate dressed up in their wedding day attire.

The detail of the dolls is astounding and Kate’s Alexander McQueen-designed wedding dress is particularly life like. The dolls are actually aimed at an adult market even through Mattel usually release products for children. The firm expect us to be a best seller.

The Platinum Ring Company would like to wish Wills and Kate a very happy anniversary and many more to come. If you are getting married soon take a look at our royal standard platinum wedding rings!