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Our Most Precious Possession

The fact new brides are so concerned about losing their wedding rings is entirely understandable. Wedding rings are the most valuable piece of jewellery we will ever own. The fact that wedding rings are passed down through the generations (even if not worn as a wedding ring but kept as an heirloom) says a lot about how much we invest in our wedding bands. And perhaps because they have such emotional as well as financial value, many couples are extremely conscious about losing their wedding rings. Most people don't take off their wedding rings and wear them for life, but for those who need to take them off to do the washing up, play sports or simply because it isn't practical to be wearing wedding rings, there's always that nagging risk. And when you lose something you really treasure it can leave you sick to the stomach. The fact is, wedding rings are simply irreplaceable.

Wedding Rings – Beyond Value

For those who have been victims of burglary or have lost their wedding rings, they know how devastating it can be. But not all stories end unhappily. In America, one woman Kathleen Schaecher gave up all hope of finding her and her husband's wedding rings. She had worn her husband's wedding ring alongside her own ring ever since his death. Wearing the wedding rings was important to her emotionally, as well as having financial worth. But one day, shopping in a major supermarket, Kathleen realised her wedding rings had gone. She had suspicions that the wedding rings had slipped off after picking up a big ham to put in her shopping trolley. Although she'd had the wedding rings resized after her husband's death, they were still a little loose.

Wedding Rings Found

The loss of the wedding rings resulted in her desperately re-tracing her steps around the supermarket, with staff helping her search. But the search was in vain and she left 'broken hearted' feeling the rings had been lost forever. The value of the rings wasn't huge, but the emotional value was massive. The wedding rings weren't insured, but it was what the rings meant that really mattered after she and her husband had worn the wedding rings for 53 years before his death. Despite her children buying her replacement rings to help fill the gap, it simply wasn't the same. But one day she was cleaning the freezer when she spotted something shiny at the bottom of the chest, it was her ring, and her husband's ring was near by on the garage floor next to the freezer. She told her local paper: I am so happy I found them...If I had $1 million, it wouldn't have made me so happy.