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Eternity Rings: A Symbol of Enduring Love

Rings of any sort are symbolic – from the plain wedding band to the intricacy and sparkle or an eternity ring. Engagement rings symbolise promise, wedding rings symbolise commitment and eternity rings symbolise enduring love.

Choosing eternity rings

All eternity rings are symbols of the continuing love between you and your partner, but with so many different designs available, how do you choose one that is good enough for your relationship? We all know how we feel about our partners and it can be difficult to put it into words, let alone into a piece of jewellery. Fortunately, we have expert jewellers who can do that for us, producing eternity rings that look stunning and are a real expression of the love we feel for those nearest to us. You need to put some thought into the purchase of your eternity ring:
  • Traditional or contemporary – like all jewellery, eternity rings can look traditional or modern. Think about which your partner would prefer. Platinum symbolises the modern approach, but can use settings that hint at the traditional, allowing you to get the best of both worlds without spending a fortune. If you want a contemporary eternity ring, look for unusual settings, or ask your jeweller for advice.
  • Diamonds or mixed stones – diamonds are often used to symbolise purity, and if you’re looking at eternity rings because you want to emphasise your love of your partner, you might want to stick with an eternity ring that just uses diamonds in its setting. They certainly look stunning, but you might also want to think about your partner and what they like to wear, as you can also get eternity rings with other precious stones in the setting. What better way to prove your love than by choosing an eternity ring with your partner’s birth stone in the setting, or with stones that match those in their engagement ring? Thinking ahead will allow you to make the best choice.
  • Bands – whilst an eternity ring band itself symbolises unending love, you can also get eternity bands that twist two strands of metal together, representing the two people in your partnership, or that have symbolic patterns or designs on them. You may want to choose the plain band and concentrate on the setting, but if the symbolism of the eternity ring is very important to you, make sure you check out all the alternatives.