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A Dying Wish from Much Loved Soap Star

Wedding rings are a symbol of two people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together, but for actress Wendy Richards her marriage had a sad twist. The moment we exchange wedding rings should be the happiest of our lives. But the commitment to love your partner for the rest of their life is a poignant one for Wendy Richards and her new husband. The soap star has announced that she is dying of cancer. The 65-year-old actress has exchanged wedding rings for the fourth time in her life to her partner of 13 years, John Burns.

Platinum Wedding Rings – In Sickness and in Health

The vows spoken before the exchange of wedding rings would have had a particular resonance for the couple as Wendy Richard has spoken of her cancer that has spread to her bones and right kidney. The actress has battled the disease before but decided to put her wedding forward after the recent diagnosis. Although the pair had their wedding rings, moving the ceremony forward meant she didn't have time to find a wedding dress. The bride wore fishnets and a tie-dye skirt with a silver blouse.

Diamond Platinum Wedding Rings on Show for Media

The actress exchanged her wedding rings in front of the couple's family members and friends, including cast members from the long-running soap EastEnders, Wendy Richard is best known for her role Pauline Fowler in the popular soap. The couple showed onlookers their diamond wedding rings and left the ceremony smiling to the press. The pair were planning to exchange wedding rings anyway but the diagnosis forced them to push ahead with the marriage leaving guests no real notice to get ready for the day.

Exchanging Platinum Wedding Rings in Front of Starry Cast

As well as making time to buy wedding rings and get married, Richard has also said she has made a will and even planned her funeral saying it was necessary to 'be practical'. The pair have booked a honeymoon in America, although the trip has been postponed until Richard's chemotherapy is finished. The exchange of the wedding rings was witnessed by a whole cast of EastEnder stars, including her on-screen Fowler family clan and stars Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Fowler) and Joel Beckett (Jake Moon).