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Favourite British Wedding Favours

Favourite British Wedding Favours

There’s no better way to thank your wedding guests than with wedding favours. Have you considered surprising your guests with favours that portray your patriotism? That’s right; here you can find our pick of Great British favours.


Sensational Scones Topped With Jam and Cream Who doesn’t love a traditional English scone? And when it’s already smothered in jam and cream, well, it saves your guests from getting in a mess! Take a jam jar (or any sort of glass container will do) and cut out a jar-shaped scone so that you can place this in the very bottom of it. Then, using a piping bag, pipe a layer of your favourite jam atop the bottom scone, followed by the finest English cream. Finish with another scone cut-out and you’ll have yourself an extraordinary wedding favour that your guests can enjoy after a few bevvies, or when they need a sugar boost the morning after!


Sensational Scones Topped With Jam and Cream


Great-tasting Guinness Fudge Ireland is renowned for its Guinness; a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a pint of the black stuff. So, why not incorporate this tasty drink into a sweet treat? Spoil your guests by providing them with a jar brimming with chunks of glorious Guinness fudge.


Great-tasting Guinness Fudge


Seriously Scrumptious Shortbread We all know that the Scots do shortbread the best. It’s a given. If you’re proud to be from Scotland then you’d be silly to miss out on serving up shortbread on your big day. Of course, it’s not dessert-worthy, but for a wedding favour? It’s brilliant. Stack up pieces of shortbread and tie with a blue and white ribbon.

Seriously Scrumptious ShortbreadImage Source: Pixabay


Wonderfully Welsh Lovespoons If you’re looking to give your guests a keepsake then a lovespoon is perfect. Select a lovespoon that signifies your wedding day; each symbol has a special meaning
  • Heart: love
  • Bell: weddings, anniversaries or together in harmony
  • Birds: love birds
  • Knot: eternal love or together forever
  • Twisted stem: togetherness

Not only are they beautiful keepsakes, it will remind your guests of the special day they shared with you!

Wonderfully Welsh Lovespoons

David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott under CC by 2.0

So there you have it, Great British favours that are certain to be a talking point on your wedding day. Now you know what gifts you’ll give your guests, but do you know what gifts you’ll give to each other to wear eternally? If you haven’t yet already bought your wedding rings, be sure to take a look at our selection of platinum rings for women.