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Statement Wedding Rings: Celtic Platinum

Platinum wedding rings are a fantastic choice if you are looking for a piece of jewellery that means as much as your love for one another.

This metal is in itself representative of quality, longevity and uniqueness. There is no wonder that the gift of platinum is internationally associated with 70th wedding anniversaries.  If you hail from a Celtic nation, then a nice touch may be to choose Celtic platinum wedding rings for you and your partner.

This will add yet another layer of symbolism to your piece of the piece of jewellery that you will wear consistently for the rest of your life. At the Platinum Ring Company we have various Celtic patterns available in a range of widths.

While the ancient Celts didn’t keep a formal record of what each type of knot meant, the general meanings have been handed down through the generations. For example square knots are shields to ward off evil spirit and bad intentions, which would be a very fitting pattern for Celtic platinum weddings.

Or alternatively spiral knots are traditionally associated with wedding rings, as they symbolise life cycles and rebirth. The premise being that the wedding would be a rebirth into a new life together and then the life cycle would be represent the longevity of the commitment. If you would prefer a simpler ring than take a look at our plain platinum wedding rings.  We have a full range of shapes including court, d-shape and flat court rings, which allow you to pick a ring that is truly your taste. Court rings are a very popular choice as they offer a high level of comfort, as the ring is rounded on both the inside and outside of the rings.

Flat court rings have a flat outer surface, which gives your wedding ring a crisp stylish appearance. The flat court also features a rounded inner, which allows for a comfortable wearing experience.

Conversely, the D shape is the opposite of the Flat court ring, having the flat surface in the inside and the rounded edge on the exterior. These simple platinum wedding rings are an elegant way to show your love for one another.