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Symbols of Ancient Love

In today's fast moving world where relationships can often sometimes take a back seat, eternity rings represent a moment in time where you can express feelings of true love. Even if life doesn't let you cook regular romantic candlelit dinners, or you can't take the time or spend the money on loving breaks to Paris, eternity rings are romantic gestures that stay on your ring finger for the rest of your life, as a constant reminder of someone's commitment and dedication to you. Like a wedding band, eternity rings can become heirlooms passed down through the generations as a reminder of a couple's true love.

A Poignant and Ancient Love Affair

And using objects to express undying love is nothing new. Eternity rings are beautiful pieces of jewellery that are worn to show the world you are in a loving marriage. And throughout history lovers have swapped jewels, rings and gifts. One archaeological dig in Kent uncovered a marble plaque in a grave of a female skeleton. The historians discovered from the dig that in around 200 AD, the woman's lover would have placed the marble plaque next to her body as a gesture of his eternal love. The Roman tale of romance was discovered in the Canterbury site, and the marble, in the same way eternity rings signify true love today, represented undying love. Paul Bennet of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust told the BBC: “This grave is special because of this object - this marble plaque. Burying a funeral inscription is unusual and you can just make out the letters, they mean most faithful.”

Marble Plaque and Eternity Rings Express Enduring Love

The couple's love has therefore endured some 1,800 years. The archaeologists who found the marble were amazed at how clear the inscription on the marble was in the sunshine. They believe the plaque was probably the lover's sole possession. It's a poignant tale of true love, and like eternity rings, the plaque shows how objects have been used for centuries to demonstrate the power of someone's love. The idea of burying loved ones with objects of love is a common one across cultures and religions – signifying the need to express love beyond death and embodying the concept of eternal love.