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Waiting an Eternity for your Ring?

Everyone knows there are rules about rings. Wedding rings are exchanged at the ceremony and are a key part of the commitment and promises you make to one another. Engagement rings are an outward sign that you have promised your affections to one person and are preparing to get married. Eternity rings are slightly different. There seems to be no set rule as to when you should expect or buy an eternity ring and so couples can choose any time that suits them.

Waiting for Platinum eternity rings

The only trouble with the lack of rules for eternity rings is that one partner may expect an eternity ring at a certain time and be disappointed when it doesn’t appear. As the eternity ring is traditionally given to the woman, there are several occasions when the man in your relationship may be in trouble if he hasn’t bought an eternity ring:
  • First anniversary – this may seem a bit too soon for yet another ring, but quite a lot of marketers would like men to buy eternity rings for their wives on the first wedding anniversary.
  • Birth of the first child – this is an important day in the life of any couple, and eternity rings can be given at this point – although you’ll have to be fairly organised if you want to present the ring then, because you won’t have much chance to go out and buy one once the baby is born!
  • Subsequent anniversaries – jewellery is a popular gift at major anniversaries, such as 10, 20 and 25 years. Eternity rings are often bought around these important dates.
In general, it seems that there’s no hard and fast rules about when to buy an eternity ring. Couples often find that money is tight at the start of a marriage, and may want to wait until they have saved enough to buy a really good quality eternity ring. This may end up being the present for a significant birthday, or just a celebration of your relationship at a time when you can afford to splash out. Whenever you choose to buy your eternity rings, make sure you take the time to choose the right ring for you and your partner, so that it will both mark an eternity and last an eternity.