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Engagement Rings with Celebrity Style

Engagement Rings with Celebrity Style

It’s hard not to know when a female celebrity gets engaged these days, as every celeb and fashion magazine will be extolling her engagement ring’s virtues and analysing the happy couple’s body language. If you’re thinking of tying the knot with your partner, and want to keep on trend with your engagement ring, then why not pick your favourite celebrity style and drop some heavy hints?

Platinum Engagement Rings for Celebrity Fans

If you love a particular star, and model your clothes, hairdo and makeup on hers, then you’ll want to follow in her footsteps when it comes to your engagement ring’s style too. Your loved one might not be able to fork out a few million quid for a huge piece of ice, but you can look for a copy-cat version as the next best thing. Study some celebrity magazines and websites for close-up pictures of the engagement rings, and then look for a reputable online company who will have a good match.

Platinum Engagement Rings of the A-List

If you don’t have time to find your own inspiration for celebrity engagement rings, then follow this quick guide to some of the most stunning bling to be seen on the hands of A-listers. Just don’t threaten to dump your boyfriend if he refuses to propose to you with one of these – they will be way out of most people’s budgets.  

J Lo’s Engagement Ring’s One to Remember

J Lo may be happily married to Latino artist Marc Anthony, but her engagement ring from former fiancé Ben Affleck is the one that sticks in most people’s minds. The huge square 6.1 carat pink diamond wowed the crowds at every event she attended, and showed the world just how much he loved her. Sadly they never made it down the aisle, and in 2005 the ring had been ‘reacquired’ by celebrity jeweller Harry Winston who was offering it to serious bidders. Let’s hope the news owners have been luckier in love than Bennifer.  

Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring’s Got History

Mariah has not only scored herself a toy boy of 11 years her junior but one that’s willing to put a £2.5 million engagement ring on her finger. Good work girl! However, all may not be sweet in the Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon camp. Celebrity gossip columns were quick to pick up on the engagement ring’s unmistakable similarity to the ring he gave his former fiancée Selita Ebanks. Ouch.  

Heidi Klum’s Engagement Ring’s a Splash of Colour

Supermodel Heidi Klum’s hubbie Seal has never been one for hiding in the background, and nor is the engagement ring that he put on his girl’s finger. Heidi sports the huge 10 carat yellow diamond bordered by tiny clear diamonds with pride – and who wouldn’t want to stand out from the crowd with an accessory like that?  

Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring’s Got the Personal Touch

Before being split apart by Angelina Jolie, Hollywood’s golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston wore their love on their sleeves. And in Jennifer’s case, she wore an engagement ring personally designed by Brad himself. The white gold ring had twenty diamonds arranged in a circular spiral pattern that looked gorgeous on Jennifer’s slender hand. Let’s hope the actress finds someone who can give her an even more stunning engagement ring soon.