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Top 10 Most Expensive Rings Part 1

Platinum wedding rings from the Platinum Ring Company are perfectly formed and perfectly priced. We offer everything from plain platinum wedding rings for couples who prefer understated style to diamond platinum wedding rings for couples who like something a little more flamboyant. We have styles and prices to suit everyone. Price was no issue to these rather extravagant celebrity men - here are the Worlds top 10 most expensive rings 10 - 6.  5 - the worlds most expensive ring are covered off in part 2 of this article to keep you in suspense.

Number 10: $500,000 Ben Affleck is definitely in the last of the big spenders club, he features at number 6 as well! Ben went on to marry Jennifer Garner in 2005 and the couple now have two children - Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth. His first engagement to Jennifer Lopez didn’t work out and there was no sign of the pair exchanging platinum wedding rings, he did splash out more on the engagement ring however [see number 6]!

Number 9: $500,000 Basketball star Tony Parker proposed to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and commissioned the design of the ring through exclusive jewellery designer to the stars - Jean Dousset. The end result was an emerald cut diamond ring. It really does show that the amount you spend is irrelevant, as this marriage very soon broke down due to infidelity. That’s why we have a range of platinum wedding rings at different prices, because many people today are not prepared to spend ridiculous amounts of money on rings and appreciate that it’s the love in the relationship that is important not the price tag on the ring that measures the likely longevity and happiness of a relationship.

Number 8: $550,000 When Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller wed the ring was a massive radiant cut, yellow diamond.

Number 7: $1 million You wouldn’t necessarily put Prince Charles in the old romantic bracket, however he offered Camilla Parker-Bowles a square cut diamond engagement ring and got down on one knew when he propped back in 2005.  They met in 1970 at a polo match and had a life long love affair which famously came between Charles and Diana. They are still happily married today.

Number 6:  $1.2 million Jennifer Lopez has famously sung about the rocks that she’s got; she certainly got a large rock from ex fiancé Ben Affleck. They separated and he went on to marry another Jennifer - Jennifer Garner who he went onto exchange exquisite platinum wedding rings .

For the top 5 worlds most expensive rings read part 2 of this article.