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Wedding Rings: Celebrity Inspiration

What is it about celebrity wedding rings that cause so much interest? Is it a yearning for that which seems unreachable to us or is it that we see their choice of ring as an affirmation of their status and celebrity? Or are we looking for some hint of a new style? Interest in celebrity engagement and wedding rings is not a new phenomenon.

Elvis Presley presented Priscilla with a diamond engagement ring of 3.5 carats, circled diamond chips and enclosed by a circle of 21 diamonds. The world’s press was almost obsessive in its hunt to supply the public with pictures and information about this ring. Joan Collins was given a heart-shaped diamond ring made in the 19th Century by her husband, Percy Gibson, whilst Madonna proudly flashed a three-stone Edwardian ring on her engagement. As a result, a fashion was born for three-stone rings, supposed to represent the past, present and future of an engaged couple.

As the penchant for more and more elaborate engagement and wedding rings has increased in celebrity circles, so too have the well-publicised price-tags. Jennifer Lopez was engaged to Ben Affleck with a 6-carat, pink diamond ring with three baguette diamonds and platinum bands either side; a snip at $1.2 million, when you consider that Paris Hilton’s canary-diamond ring cost her intended $5 million. However, despite the extravagances of the rich and famous, the majority of ordinary people seem unfazed by the trends they apparently set.

For most, a platinum wedding ring is the purest form of expressing love, whilst the classic, plain wedding band has never been usurped in its design. To find further information on our engagement and wedding rings, why not give us a ring?