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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Platinum engagement rings aren’t just a bit of decorative jewellery to prove to the world that you’re committed to your partner. The message that they send out goes much deeper than that, and can reflect not just your personality, but also that of your loved one and both of you as a couple. Choosing the right engagement ring is crucial, just as choosing the wrong one could be disastrous. Follow this guide to how different engagement rings can speak volumes about your lifestyle and personalities, and make sure you get the perfect bling for your left hand.

Platinum Engagement Rings that say “Money is not an issue”

Celebrity couples like J Lo and Mariah Carey are famed for their enormous multi-million dollar engagement rings, given to them by their extremely wealthy partners. Having rings with real bling is vital for them to prove how successful they are, as well as maintaining their images as girls who enjoy the more glamorous side of life. If you have high-powered jobs, or work in a high-profile industry like fashion, music or media, then you will want your engagement ring to reflect your status. People will inevitably ask you to show off your rock, and there will be a lot of expectation for it to dazzle. Browse engagement rings that have a high carat sparkler, or simply a huge showpiece ring with a central diamond, a diamond border and a platinum band.

Platinum Engagement Rings that say “I’m unique”

Individual soul singer Seal just couldn’t have given a plain old engagement ring to his fiancée Heidi Klum, so now she wears his huge yellow diamond on her left hand. Likewise, Christina Aguilera, who models herself on 40’s and 50’s pin-ups, was given an individual vintage ring by her fiancée. If you have a quirky fashion style or simply want to make an alternative statement, then choose from engagement rings with a twist. Look for coloured diamonds that stand out from the crowd, rings with a vintage twist, or an unusually cut diamond.

Platinum Engagement Rings that say “Love is more important than wealth”

If you enjoy the simple things in life, and feel that your love and shared experiences together are more important than material possessions, then you will be best suited with simple engagement rings. Take the lead from Scarlett Johansson, who wears a simple traditional oval diamond on a classic gold band. It fits in perfectly with her style, and whilst it shows her partner clearly loves her, it is a far cry from the brash statements of wealth and status than other celebrities wear. The good news is that there is a huge range of engagement rings in a simple, classic style for you to choose from – and it also means your partner is much more likely to get the choice right if he’s planning to surprise you.