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Advice for Grooms: Choosing The Ring

Advice for Grooms: Choosing The Ring


It is always worth remembering that buying beautiful jewellery should be considered an investment. In these times of fluctuating markets, the value of platinum and gold has been climbing steadily. Purchasing high-quality rings means that you are investing both in your relationship and your future. Carefully plan how much you can afford to spend and try to stick to that initial figure. This will make it easier to disregard rings that are out of your price league before you fall in love with them and are inevitably disappointed.


Engagement rings come in a bewildering range of metals and styles, set with a choice of many different precious stones. Many brides express a clear preference for classic platinum engagement rings, with a diamond as the gem of choice. If you are finding it hard to make a decision, you would be hard pressed to go wrong with this stunning combination. Platinum settings complement diamonds perfectly.


When considering wedding rings, you should first take into account the design of the engagement ring. The two bands should look as if they were made to fit together. If you are considering platinum engagement rings for your fiancée, remember that her wedding ring should also be platinum. The width of the two bands should complement each other, but they do not have to be exactly the same. 4mm platinum wedding rings can look stunning paired with a slimmer engagement band and vice versa.


It is not just platinum engagement rings that include precious stones as part of the design. Many people nowadays choose to include some diamonds in their gold and platinum wedding rings. A diamond-set wedding ring sets off a diamond engagement ring perfectly. Conversely, if you have simpler tastes, plain platinum wedding rings can serve to heighten the impact of a more ornately designed engagement ring.

Groom's Choice

When selecting gold or platinum wedding rings for yourself, you should consider whether you wish your ring to match those of your fiancée. Many men are drawn to more contemporary designs and more than ever are choosing to include diamonds in their wedding bands. For true longevity and if your budget will allow, opt for platinum. For further advice, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team, who will be more than happy to help you with your selection.