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Platinum Engagement Rings: One Ring Or Two?

Platinum Engagement Rings: One Ring Or Two?

Many modern couples are ditching old-fashioned traditions in favour of new trends when it comes to their nuptials. From coloured dresses like the black frock worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and the scarlet gown donned by Jodie Marsh, to alternative venues like London Zoo, there are seemingly no traditions left to break. But one more custom that couples are turning their backs on is that of only the bride-to-be wearing an engagement ring. Now that celebrities like David Beckham have made it cool for guys to wearing diamond jewellery, men are opting for their own platinum engagement rings to show their commitment before walking down the aisle.

Platinum Engagement Rings – New Trend for Men

When he proposes to you, you would expect to be presented with a gorgeous diamond platinum engagement ring, or at least be whisked off to buy one very soon after the proposal. But what if, as many women are doing these days, you decide to pop the question to him? Should you give him a ring and each wear one, or stick to tradition? A platinum engagement ring is a symbol for eternal love that can apply to either sex. And with celebrity men setting the trend for wearing platinum engagement rings – such as Christina Aguilera’s husband Jordan Bratman - it’s become less unusual than it used to be.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Styles for Guys

To keep him feeling masculine, don’t offer up anything too pretty or delicate. Solid, chunky-looking platinum engagement rings are ideal. The best styles are actually male wedding rings, which come in pure platinum, or can be blended with titanium for an even more urban look. Look through men’s fashion magazines for style inspiration, and secretly scour his wardrobe to check out his favourite outfits. You’ll son know what kind of platinum engagement rings will best suit his personality and his look.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Back to Basics

If, however, you think your guy would balk at the thought of wearing a ‘girly’ engagement ring, then stick to tradition and allow him to get down on one knee. Platinum engagement rings enhanced with dazzling diamonds are enough to make any girl say “yes!”. The best thing about platinum engagement rings is that the metal is so hard-wearing that it is a beautiful symbol of long-lasting love.