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Engagement Rings: Don’t Go For Gold

Engagement Rings: Don’t Go For Gold

With the Beijing Olympics well under way, the only metal on athletes’ and sports fans’ minds is gold. But for those looking to win the heart of their loved one with a marriage proposal, the only metal you should even be considering is platinum. Platinum engagement rings not only look incredibly beautiful and stylish, but they also boast a host of other benefits such as durability and lasting value. Symbolise the eternal love you want to share with your wife-to-be with the very best – and leave gold rings to the rest.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Greater than Gold

When it comes to choosing the metal for your ring, only platinum will do. Gold rings now look outdated, and are barely ever worn by younger, trendier women. Just look at the celebrities who have recently got engaged – platinum engagement rings are the only jewellery on their left hand. The reason for platinum’s superiority is that it’s a far harder-wearing material and retains its value for longer than gold. When platinum gets ‘scratched’ it is merely a displacement of the metal, and none of the volume is lost, whereas gold does scratch and lose weight and value. Platinum engagement rings may cost more than gold ones, but the reason is clear. A platinum ring will last a lifetime and beyond, proving itself to be the most appropriate symbol of eternal love that you could present to your girlfriend.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Winning Styles

Another reason why platinum engagement rings are so popular and so superior to gold is that they come in so many styles, and match different outfits from casual to smart. Often gold can look too dressy, or its colour can clash with certain clothing. Platinum engagement rings are versatile and subtle, and can help enhance a dressy evening outfit or blend in with a daytime one. You simply can’t go wrong with platinum.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Fabulous Finishes

You can also buy platinum engagement rings with a wide choice of dazzling diamonds, band shapes and settings. Platinum is more malleable than gold, allowing jewellery designers to be far more creative with the finishes. If your girlfriend has a unique style, you will be able to find a ring to suit her tastes, whether it’s a dazzling diamond rock or a gorgeous vintage-style ring. Platinum engagement rings really complement diamonds, so take your pick from any cut including emerald, solitaire, cushion, heart and oval. Whatever style of platinum engagement ring you choose will be sure to win her heart.