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Dream Engagements

Dream Engagements

Engagement rings can be the pivotal point in a proposal – the moment a man gets down on one knee and opens up a little black jewellery box can be one of the most emotional in a woman’s life. But if the ring is presented in a drab or unimaginative setting like the local Chinese restaurant, the magic of the moment can be spoilt. These are some of the top dream proposal locations to make sure she says “Yes!”

Platinum Engagement Rings – Exotic Locations

To really impress a bride-to-be, men should book a dream trip to an exotic beach location and pull out their engagement rings as they wine and dine their woman at sunset on a secluded beach. Many luxury resorts will offer an exclusive service to dine out under the stars, with your own candlelit table for two. As the waves gently lap onto the sand, and the moon shines down upon you, you can romance her even further with your engagement ring’s sparkling diamond. Nothing will make her fall even more in love with you and want to say “yes” to your proposal of marriage. Look at locations like Barbados, the Bahamas, Mauritius and the Seychelles for the ultimate luxury locations.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Sporty Spots

If you and your girl share a love of sports, then you could woo her by proposing in a meaningful location linked to your favourite activity. The great thing about engagement rings is that they are so small and discreet that you can carry them anywhere with you and pull them out at the perfect moment. So whether you propose on a dive boat, at the top of a mountain on your skis, in a plane before you do a parachute jump or even on the tennis court, you can be sure to give her the surprise of her life.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Classy Cities

There is nothing more romantic than a weekend city break to Europe’s most beautiful cities such as Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome and Prague. Actually there is – proposing in one of these cities and asking for her hand in marriage. Engagement rings look even more stunning under the soft glow of a lamplight down a quaint Parisian or Venetian back street, or at the top of the Eiffel Tower or on a gondola. Pick your location carefully, and decide whether she will be bowled over or bored by the usual romantic clichés. If so, choose somewhere a little less conventional, like Barcelona, Madrid or Cannes. Engagement rings sparkle in the sunshine just as well as in lamplight!