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Engagement Rings: A Simple Choice

It’s easy to get daunted by the wide range of engagement rings available today. Should you go for gold, stick to silver, opt for white-gold or consider platinum? When you understand the benefits that platinum engagement rings have, the decision is made easy for you. No other metal can live up to its high value, durability and sophistication – and no other ring will put as big a smile on the face of your fiancée as platinum engagement rings will.

Making your Choice

Buying an engagement ring can be a confusing task for men, with so many styles available to choose from. The best way to narrow down the selection is to consider what your girlfriend’s tastes are. Would she adore a huge dazzling diamond, or be happier with a neat little solitaire? Is she a modern girl who needs a modern ring, or would she fall in love with a mock antique style? Thankfully, when it comes to the decision about which metal to buy, the choice is made easy for you. Platinum engagement rings offer so many benefits above gold, silver and white-gold that it would be foolish to ignore them.

Sophisticated Style

The top reason for choosing platinum engagement rings is that their style and sophistication simply shines through above its competitors. Gold can look rather old-fashioned, whereas white-gold lacks the same level of lustre. Platinum brings out extra sparkle in diamonds, and is versatile enough to match with any other type of gem stone from rubies to emeralds. Platinum engagement rings can come with different cuts of stones, different setting styles and different bands, meaning no matter what your loved one’s tastes, there will be something to suit her perfectly.

Value and Durability

Platinum is the most durable and valuable metal on the planet. Platinum engagement rings are usually made from 95% platinum, giving them a purity not found in gold or white-gold. This means that they are pricier than other metals, but its value will be retained throughout its lifetime. Platinum gets displaced rather than scratched, so it doesn’t lose volume or value like gold. And because it is rare and so desirable, there will always be a market for platinum engagement rings should you ever decide to sell yours on and upgrade it for an even higher model.

How to Buy

Platinum engagement rings are now so popular that they can be found in every reputable jeweller’s store offering rings. However, the best place to buy platinum engagement rings is online. You will be able to browse through a wide choice of rings at your leisure, and can do this in secret at work if you don’t want her to know you plan on proposing. You can then have the ring of your choice delivered to a friend’s house or your workplace so she won’t suspect a thing. Just be sure to check that you are buying from a reputable online retailer who will provide certificates for any diamonds included on their platinum engagement rings, and that they offer a secure purchasing service. The greatest benefit of buying platinum engagement rings online is that because of the retailers’ lower overheads, they can offer fantastic discounts on high street prices.