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Engagement Tradition and Etiquette

Engagement Tradition and Etiquette

Being presented with engagement rings is a dream for most women. Receiving that dazzling diamond set in platinum is the ultimate goal in a relationship, and when it happens it really can be a dream come true. But there are many traditions and etiquettes surrounding engagements and engagement rings, which can make the whole process a little confusing. Here are some guidelines for couples that want to start their engagement in the ‘proper’ way.

Length of Engagement

When he gets down on one knee and opens up a little black box, the sight of the engagement ring’s sparkle can be overwhelming, and you could be tempted to set a quick date for the wedding. The tradition, however, is to have a long engagement of 12 – 18 months to allow for the wedding preparations. Many venues are fully booked up long in advance, so this allows you to secure the location of your dreams. You will also need to plan for a cake to be made, flowers to be arranged, the dress to be bought or designed, the entertainers booked, and so on. Rushing into the wedding can result in a poorly planned day. Long engagements can also help you get used to the idea of committing to each other for the rest of your lives, and know for sure that you are ready to be married. Engagement rings are a beautiful part of the marriage tradition but no matter how expensive and stunning the diamond, it is the quality of your love that really counts.

Asking Permission

A long-standing tradition that can add a really special touch to any engagement is to ask the bride-to-be’s father for permission to marry her. Even many modern women appreciate this gesture, as it shows their partner is willing to pluck up the courage to talk to her family and ask if they are willing to accept him as one of theirs. Presenting engagement rings after receiving the father’s blessing can also give the man an extra boost of courage – after all, the family must think he is suitable to take their daughter’s hand in marriage, so she must be likely to say ‘yes’.

Choosing the Ring

Platinum engagement rings can make or break a proposal – choose the wrong ring and she may look disappointed and feel let down. The groom-to-be should not only cover the cost of engagement rings according to tradition, but he should ideally choose the ring himself and present it as a surprise. He can find out her tastes by taking sneaky looks in her wardrobe and jewellery box, and also ‘borrow’ one of her favourites rings as a size guideline. Fortunately there is now such a wide choice of engagement rings that he is sure to be able to find the perfect ring for her. And online jewellery retailers are offering such fantastic discounts on engagement rings that popping the question need not break the bank.