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From Engagement Rings to Eternity

From Engagement Rings to Eternity


A bride can expect to receive three momentous rings during the course of her engagement and subsequent marriage. The first in the trilogy - a beautiful engagement ring - is often regarded as the most significant. However, the choice of the perfect platinum wedding and - in time - eternity ring, is no less important.


The wedding ring has a history that stretches back through the ages and for this reason alone it is an extremely emotive symbol. Women's platinum wedding rings are a modern manifestation of this rich history. A wedding ring should be chosen to highlight the beauty of your choice of platinum engagement rings.


An eternity ring is often presented by husband to a wife to mark a noteworthy anniversary, or after the birth of a child. Platinum eternity rings for women are traditionally set with stones, with diamonds a popular choice. You can choose between 'full', a ring that has stones right the way around the ring, or 'half', which has them halfway round. This choice can depend on how you intend to wear your ring – if it is for daily use the 'half' style may be more practical. 'Full' styles are the perfect choice for a statement piece that you intend to wear only on special occasions. Some couples chose a style similar to those of platinum engagement rings, especially if they didn't have the budget to do so when they got married. An eternity ring can be a second opportunity to get the ring of your dreams.


When choosing your engagement ring, remember that over time other rings will be coming to join it on your finger. There is little sight more harmonious than three rings that have been chosen to perfectly complement and bring out the individual beauty and style of each other. Platinum engagement rings are the initial part of a sequence of bands that should be chosen to provide a perfect balance of styles.


An eternity ring is the definitive expression of everlasting love and is a little piece of history that can passed down through the generations of your family. Engagement, wedding and eternity rings together form a strong triumvirate that is the ultimate symbol of eternal commitment. If you require any help choosing the perfect platinum engagement rings or wedding and eternity styles, please contact a member of our knowledgeable team, who will be happy to help.