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Platinum Engagement Rings: Mix it Up

Platinum Engagement Rings: Mix it Up

If your woman loves to be different, then standard solitaire diamond platinum engagement rings probably won’t get her heart pulsing when you get down on one knee. If she’s got a stand-out style such as goth, vintage, retro or high-fashion, then you’ll need to make sure the engagement ring you present to her is as cool and quirky as she is. Instead of going for the norm, choose from unique engagement rings that use different coloured precious stones or mix up the metals of the band. When her eyes light up and her voice says “Yes”, you’ll know you got it right.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Special Stones

The most eye-catching element of platinum engagement rings is the precious stone or diamonds used in the setting. If you want to add a unique twist to your ring, think about choosing a coloured stone such as a ruby, amethyst, emerald or sapphire inside a circle of smaller diamonds. Choose a colour that will match her eyes and her most-worn clothes, or even pick out the correct stone to match her birth month, such as garnet for January, aquamarine for March or opal for October. Platinum engagement rings with coloured stones stand out from the crowd and will earn you extra brownie points. If you have plenty of cash, you could even choose a coloured diamond to woo her with – pink and yellow are popular choices.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Mixed Up Metal

If you want to stick with traditional diamond platinum engagement rings, or you even just want a band without a stone, then you can give it a unique edge by choosing different metals such as platinum with gold, or platinum mixed with titanium. Having two different colours intertwined not only makes for eye-catching engagement rings, but is also a wonderful symbol for how the two of you will be joined together in harmony throughout your marriage.

Platinum Engagement Rings – For Men Too

If you want to make a statement as a couple, then consider buying platinum engagement rings for both of you. There are so many great masculine designs on the market today that your guy needn’t worry about looking too feminine. Chunky platinum and titanium engagement rings are ideal for men, and have an urban, masculine edge. Shop online for the best male and unisex engagement rings, and find a pair that will complement each other in style. You can continue this theme throughout your relationship by getting similar wedding and eternity as well as engagement rings.