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How to Get Your Guy to Propose

How to Get Your Guy to Propose


Are you sick and tired of hearing “So when is he going to propose then?” and “He STILL hasn’t put a ring on your finger?!”  If yes, you can do something about it with these tips that are certain to give your guy a gentle push in the right direction…to buying a platinum engagement ring!  

Casually Bring up Marriage

Rather than directly talking about the two of you getting married, mention marriage subtly. You can start by mentioning a mutual friend’s wedding, perhaps their venue choice or honeymoon destination, or you could even comment on an advertisement that has recently featured a wedding proposal. You could say:

  •  “So what did you think of that wedding we went to in the summer? I thought it was a really nice place to get married, did you? ”
  • “Have you seen that advert where the guy proposes on the top of the Eiffel Tower? It’s really sweet but a little bit cliché”

Expressing your opinion in this way and showing mild confusion over the topic is certain to spark your fella’s feelings and give him some food for thought.  

If You Don’t Want an Expensive Wedding, Mention it

Whilst a proposal doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate wedding, with most couples tying the knot 1-2 years after the proposal, many men are deterred from popping the question in fear of not being able to afford a large, lavish wedding.  If you’ve never had your heart set on an expensive extravaganza, it might be worth letting your other half know. You could say:

  •   “I’m really not a fan of big weddings, I’d much prefer it to be just the two of us, our immediate family and close friends”.

This will give your man the green light. He’ll now know that he won’t be living on beans on toast for the foreseeable future.

Plan a Romantic Getaway

Perhaps your man is just waiting for the right time to pop the question. Well, why not make it easier for him by planning a romantic trip. Make sure you plan it in advance so that your beau has time to think of the trip as a potential place to ask for your hand. Don’t mention anything about how it would be the perfect proposal destination; wait for him to figure it out! If he doesn’t propose, seeing you in an amorous setting where many people do propose will trigger thoughts of him popping the question to you.

Tell Your Family and Friends to Zip it

Your mum, sister and besties are only trying to help but they are probably doing more harm than good. What they don’t realise is that casually slipping marriage comments into conversation is only going to make your boyfriend feel hassled. Do you really want him to feel pressurised to propose? Let him come to the decision on his own, without the advice or urging of your family and friends. Indirect hints: yes. Guilt-tripping: no. You could be a proud owner of a stunning platinum engagement ring in no time if you take these trusty tips on board. Say goodbye to being a ‘Miss’ and hello to being a future ‘Mrs!