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Marriage Myth Buster: The Truth

Marriage Myth Buster: The Truth

Since you’ve become engaged have people been telling your old wives’ tales and myths about marriage and monogamy? Well, don’t take them too seriously. Before you exchange those platinum wedding rings take a look at our marriage myth buster.

#1 Myth – Your Spouse Should Know Exactly What You Need and Want

Getting married won’t suddenly give you the skill of telepathy. Your partner isn’t a mind reader – tell them what you think and require of them.

#2 Myth – Everyone has a Perfect Partner Out There who is Your One True Love

Even mediums and clairvoyants like Askyourguide readily admit that, no one is perfect and if you wait around, expecting the ideal partner to arrive on his white horse, you may miss out on true love. It’s not about finding the one perfect partner but one of the many people who are 99% what you are looking for. And can you expect perfection if you are not perfect yourself?

#3 Myth – Sex Stops When You Get Hitched

There is a myth in society that when you settle down and get married you will no longer have intercourse. Well, in fact, a study from the University of Chicago, USA, found that married couples have at least 25% more sexual activity than those who are unmarried. There will be occasions where it may not be as frequent, like when having a baby, but overall this myth is untrue.

#4 Myth – Now You’ve Had Your Fun It’s Time to Get Married and Settle Down

Why must marriage be seen as restrictive? You can have just as much enjoyment out of being married as when you are single. Marriage should not been seen as a sacrifice or a burden, if it is then there may be something up in your relationship.

#5 Myth – Men Don’t Want to Marry Clever Women

This myth is rather outdated now. Although marriages among educated women tend to happen later on in life than those who left school at 16, they are considered more desirable and are more likely to marry.

#6 Myth – Your Other Half Should Complete You

If you are looking for the other piece of your jigsaw puzzle, you may find that you don’t have an exact match. The idea of looking for someone to complete you may result in blaming the other person for things that don’t go to plan. For example, if they completed you, you would be richer, skinnier and happier.

#7 Myth – Love Should Be Easy

Love will conquer all and when you are in love nothing can bother you, is a bit idealistic. Some people have the idea that they will be swept off their feet and life will be blissfully easy from there on. An argument doesn’t mean you’re getting a divorce. A relationship is about growing together and yes it may be hard at times, but that doesn’t mean you love each other any less. Have you been told any stories we haven’t included on our list? We’d love to hear them!