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Platinum Engagement Rings: Platinum Perfection

Beautiful platinum engagement rings are now the gift of choice for men to give to their girlfriends when they propose. Whereas gold rings were once the most popular, platinum has taken over as the metal to have on your left hand. Its versatility and durability makes it a great investment as well as a symbol of eternal love, and the many styles of platinum engagement rings available today mean that there will be a style to suit every bride-to-be. Here are the main advantages of choosing platinum engagement rings over other styles.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Rare and Desirable

Platinum engagement rings are made out of the most precious metal on the planet. Platinum’s high value is reflected in the way that ‘platinum’ credit cards are offered to people with more money than those with gold cards, and the way it is sung about in rap songs. The metal is so rare and desirable because ten tons of ore are required to produce one ounce of pure platinum. It is significantly heavier than gold, and because of its weight and density, only the most skilled jewellers can work with it to create the most beautiful designs. The price of platinum engagement rings reflects the skill, time and effort required to mine the metal and forge it into an item of beauty, but the end product is well worth those extra pounds.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Durable and Tough

Because platinum is such a dense and heavy metal, it is far tougher than the much softer gold. Gold can scratch easily, and lose weight and therefore value. Platinum engagement rings may look like they are getting small scratches, but in reality the metal is only being displaced, and over time very little weight and value is lost. An experienced jeweller can easily polish up platinum engagement rings to restore them to their original glory. Platinum engagement rings are also the perfect base for diamonds – they provide a secure and strong setting for the gems, and complement their sparkle perfectly.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Versatile and Stylish

Part of the reason for the rising popularity of platinum engagement rings is that they are also incredibly versatile and sophisticated. They complement any type of gem stone from diamonds to sapphires, amethysts and emeralds, and will blend in perfectly or enhance any type of outfit with less risk of a colour clash. Platinum is also hypoallergenic because it is so pure, making platinum engagement rings ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Platinum can be forged into many different styles and combined with other metals, such as titanium or even gold. However, the platinum on combined rings will always be the part that lasts longer, so you may be best to stick to pure platinum engagement rings for a symbol of love that lasts forever.