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Platinum Wedding Rings: Complimentary Jewellery

When preparing for your big day there is so much to remember and organise from venues to catering and dresses to flowers, everything has got to be perfect, this brief guide will give you some help in choosing your platinum wedding rings, a much easier task now you already have your platinum engagement ring. The tradition is for the women to wear her wedding ring on the same finger as her engagement ring for this reason in the past most ladies have chosen to wear plain platinum wedding rings, as most platinum engagement rings these days incorporate diamonds, so a plain band can complement this.

The options for your wedding rings are endless as mentioned there is the traditional plain platinum wedding rings but also, diamond as well as patterned platinum wedding rings or even the mixed colour which incorporates gold alongside platinum. In contrast with the plain bands shaped wedding rings are becoming a lot more popular. You and your grooms platinum wedding rings look best when they both have matching band shapes, for example, flat court, D- shaped and court.The court shaped ring is curved on both the inside and the outside of the band. The D-shaped ring is curved on the outside and flat on the inside and finally, the flat court is flat on both the inside and the outside.

Moreover, for every style of platinum engagement ring there is a complimentary shape of wedding ring, similar depth and width is important as is the finish, which can be polished or matte. Another factor to take into consideration when choosing your platinum wedding rings is the cut of your platinum and diamond engagement rings, if you are thinking about having a band which holds a number of diamonds it is important that the cut of diamonds is complementary, for instance, round and princess cuts may look slightly odd next to each other.

At the Platinum Ring Company we understand that everyone has different tastes and styles and for that At the Platinum Ring Company we understand that everyone has different tastes and styles and for that reason we have a very wide range of platinum wedding rings in stock for you to choose from. If you are hoping to stick with tradition and go for a plain band we have the largest choice available online, Visit our website to browse our beautiful range.