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Swedish Engagement Traditions

Swedish Engagement Traditions

The start of Sweden’s wedding season is with the beginning of spring and the arrival of warm weather. Typically Swedes organise a wedding in their own way, depending on personal preferences, for example, some may chose a church wedding, other may want to take their guests on a boat, hold the ceremony in a field or on a beach.

To a visitor of the country, or someone who has moved there from another country it may appear at first glance that the location of the wedding does not matter, that the important factors are the weather and that they do not overshadow anyone else’s day.

When looking at a country you can learn a lot about it by studying its customs and practices, this is certainly evident in respect of Sweden’s engagement and wedding traditions.

According to sources, at the moment Sweden is at a crossroads in terms of jewellery style and choices. It is more customary in Sweden to see plainer choices and styles from the 70’s and 80’s being carried forward until now. However, others are looking to move away from these traditions to embrace their own personality and preferences within jewellery. It can be interpreted as a form of social rebellion, as it would allow for the display of wealth, for example choosing diamond and platinum engagement rings over a plain platinum band, within the choice of jewellery pieces.

Traditionally, customs in Sweden lean towards the purchase of gold band as engagement rings for both men and women. A second diamond ring or plain band is bought for the bride on the wedding day. This is very different to the customs in the UK, where for example a diamond platinum engagement ring is bought for the woman upon proposal and a plain band is bought for the bride and groom on the wedding day. It appears that both customs are now starting to merge, as the woman receives a diamond engagement ring and the man receives a gold engagement band. It is not unusual that the three rings be purchased at the same time, in order to ensure that they all sit correctly and match perfectly (particularly important for the brides rings).

As previously intimated towards there is also a shift towards more ornate pieces reflective of personalities over the more Germanic crisp severe pieces that have been customary in Scandinavian countries. Moreover, there is more and more interest in white metals to embrace this move away from gold.

Platinum could be set to make an impact in Sweden, especially as it holds many favourable qualities for both engagement and wedding rings. At the Platinum Ring Company, we stock a great range of platinum engagement rings, including diamond and platinum engagement ring, whether you prefer a solitaire piece or trilogy stone, with classical and modern styles to choose from.