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Engagement Rings – The Rules

Platinum engagement rings are the first choice for modern couples who want the symbol of their love to last a lifetime. But for men who want to surprise their girlfriend with a proposal, there are some buying guidelines that should be adhered to in order to get the ring to suit her best. After all, you want to make her gasp with joy and say “yes!” rather than be disappointed with your choice. This guide to buying platinum engagement rings will help secure her hand in marriage.

Platinum Engagement Rings – The Stone

The first thing your future wife will see when you open up that little box on one knee is the dazzling diamond. Platinum engagement rings look stunning with any gem stone – as long as it’s real! Don’t take any chances of being conned by a fake - look for official accreditation whether you are buying a diamond ring online or in-store, and seek out personal recommendations where possible. Once you know you are with a reputable retailer, consider the four ‘Cs’ – cut, colour, clarity and carat. A good quality diamond will be clearer and brighter than low quality ones, which will have a dull, yellow tinge. If budget is a consideration, platinum engagement rings with a smaller, higher quality stone will look better than a larger – but less dazzling – rock. The cut of a diamond can make all the difference to platinum engagement rings too, so consider which shape will suit both the ring and your girlfriend best. Popular cuts include Emerald, Round, Princess, Pear and Asscher.

Platinum Engagement Rings – The Style

One crucial factor to consider when buying platinum engagement rings is the style. There’s no point spending a month’s wage on her ring if it doesn’t suit her. Ask around friends and family to get an idea of her tastes, look in her jewellery box and her wardrobe, and build up a picture of the kind of ring that would suit her best. A glamorous career girl is going to want a big rock to show off at parties, and match her designer outfits, whereas an outdoors girl will prefer something subtle and more practical.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Where to Buy

Platinum engagement rings have increased in popularity over the past few years, so you will be spoilt for choice. One more recent trend is for buying rings online. The lower overheads of the retailer means they can pass massive savings on to you, and you can browse hundreds of designs in secret so she’ll never know you’re looking. Check that you are buying from a secure website, and it will be just as safe as shopping on the high street. You can even have the ring delivered to your workplace for extra secrecy.