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Traditions and Customs of Wedding Rings

Traditions and Customs of Wedding Rings

It is fair to say that in most wedding ceremonies the wedding rings will be exchanged between the bride and groom with the groom placing wedding rings on the bride’s finger first and then the bride following suit.

Whilst this tradition is fairly universal, there are many customs associated with wedding rings which are more localised to certain countries or cultures throughout the world. Wedding rings are, of course, one of the centrepieces of all wedding ceremonies and their prevalence has emerged over history as the symbolism and importance of wedding rings has grown over time.

A wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life and more and more couples are deciding to become au fait with the traditions surrounding wedding rings as they seek to throw themselves completely into the spirit of their wedding ceremony. There are many interesting and unique traditions concerning wedding rings which have emerged over time and given the sanctity of marriage, these traditions are likely to continue for many years to come.

Platinum Wedding Rings – Golden Tradition

Traditionally speaking, gold is certainly the most prevalent precious metal when it comes to wedding rings but habits are changing all the time and platinum wedding rings are rapidly emerging as an extremely popular choice amongst those getting married, both in the UK and various other countries throughout the world. In addition to this, many wedding rings now incorporate a variety of jewels into their decoration and this is something that differs from country to country as different customs have different approaches to how to adorn and decorate their wedding rings. Generally speaking, it is women’s wedding rings that are more likely to be accompanied with jewels as most men getting married tend to opt for a more traditional gold band or platinum wedding ring.

Platinum Wedding Rings – A Numbers Game

One of the most notable shifts in terms of wedding rings can be seen in relation to the number of rings that the bride wears on her wedding finger. Whilst it was traditionally the case that only the wedding ring would be worn, more and more brides are taking advantage of a shift in attitude towards wedding rings and accompany wedding rings with other forms of jewellery such as eternity rings and anniversary rings.