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Engagement Rings: Away from the Norm

Platinum engagement rings from the Platinum Ring Company are a great way to start an engagement.  Ranges of both engagement rings and diamond set platinum wedding rings are now available in both modern and contemporary designs to suit your individual style. Whether your intended prefers classical, simple ring designs; traditional designs; or modern styles there are plenty of beautiful platinum engagement rings that she will love.

Classic designs commonly include a single solitaire diamond expertly cut to a round or square shape. The surrounding band may either hold a simple stone setting to show off the beauty of the diamond, or it can be a work of art in itself, with intricate detail and sweeping curves surrounding the stone. A diamond trilogy is a set of three perfect diamonds set into a platinum engagement ring. These are finely cut into round or square shapes and set for maximum sparkle effect. There are plenty of diamond cuts and stone settings to choose from, allowing you to find one to complement your fiancés natural style.

The platinum band itself can either be simple or elaborate depending on your own taste. Whilst many prefer a raised diamond, one which is set low in the ring band has the added advantage of minimising any potential for catching or scratching other items. 4mm platinum wedding rings can perfectly complement an engagement ring. Diamond set wedding rings are designed to show off the diamonds' natural beauty, reflecting the light with constant sparkle. Some platinum wedding ring designs include a single solitaire diamond set in the band, contrasting with other styles where you will find several in a row.

You can choose a single channel filled with diamonds or an intricate leaf pattern set within the platinum ring. When you are selecting platinum engagement rings, remember that your partner will be wearing your selection for the rest of their lives, so choose well.

Further information on diamond shapes as well as our stunning designs can be found on our website. Please feel free to browse through our beautiful designs or to contact our knowledgeable team for further assistance.