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Engagement Rings for Men?

Platinum engagement rings are becoming incredibly popular all over the world, traditionally it’s the woman that receives an engagement ring from her boyfriend, however, wearing an engagement ring is no longer just for the bride-to-be as more men here in the UK and across in the US are beginning to wear engagement rings of their own, the media has named them ‘mengagement rings’.

Engagement rings have been worn by women for hundreds of years as a symbol to show that she is to be wed, but in some countries the men also wear a ring of their own before the marriage. Mens platinum engagement rings are not a new trend in other countries such as South America, as well as some Nordic countries like Finland and Norway and some Eastern European countries. Other places in the world have their own unique wedding and engagement traditions, for example, in Brazil both partners of the engagement, wear a ring on their right hand which they then move to the left hand on their wedding day.

The new trend is now starting to spread to loved-up couples in the UK as it allows both partners to demonstrate their commitment and shows equality in the relationship. Male engagement rings can also be chosen by same sex couples when they get engaged. Platinum engagement rings for men come in a wide range of styles ranging from the very elaborate to the classic, simple bands. Traditionally, female engagement rings often feature a diamond or several diamonds; this is also an option for mens platinum engagement rings with the option of inlaid diamonds which are a little more discrete.

If you are thinking about getting engaged in the near future we have platinum engagement rings for the two of you at the Platinum Ring Company, no matter what type of design you are hoping for we will certainly have a ring for you, or on the other hand if you are unsure our wide selection will give you some ideas. If you unsure about anything or require some help call us at the Platinum Ring Company and one of our advisors will be happy to help.