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The Ideal Location to Pop The Question

The Ideal Location to Pop The Question

Proposing is a very daunting task. First, you have to find the perfect ring and then the setting and location has to be just right for that movie-like romantic moment. Choosing a stunning platinum engagement ring from Platinum Ring Company is the first step, but what about that dream location.

Romantic spots abroad

If you are planning on blowing your partner away with a beautiful proposal then taking her abroad and getting down on one knee at an iconic place will forever stay in her heart and will be very hard to say no to!! If you want to wow her with a grand gesture in public to show her you want the world to know how much you love her then the Eiffel Tower in Paris receives the most visits than any other monument in Paris. It is a spectacular spot to surprise her with a beautiful platinum engagement ring and a proposal in front, on top or just in view of the magnificent Eiffel Tower. If you want something more intimate without the crowds then places such as Venice are the place to be. It is wonderfully unique, and is renowned for its romantic atmosphere. We recommend a picturesque gondola ride for a truly magical moment.

Favourite Restaurant 

If your partner would find a romantic trip away all a bit too suspicious then simply taking her to the restaurant you both find special can create the ideal sentimental proposal. Having your chosen ring from Platinum Ring Company placed inside her desert or in the bottom of her champagne glass is something she will not be expecting, just be ready to get down on one knee when she finds it! Another way to propose at your favourite restaurant is by arranging with the owners to have a special menu printed and handed out to you that has your proposal printed inside. By the time she has looked up from reading your heart-felt words you will be on one knee to confirm them and take her breath away.

Place you first met/First date

Show your partner how much your relationship means to you by proposing to her at the place you first met or took your first date and achieve the ultimate fairy-tale proposal. Proposing in this way can take as much or as little preparation as you choose. You could make it a simply pure and beautiful moment by explaining why you have bought her to this special place with a loving and thoughtful speech before you propose. Alternatively you can turn It in to a big romantic gesture and have the area or place you met decorated in candles or rose petals, have a musician play, or even have a flash mob preform so you can sweep her of her feet when you pop the question.

Wherever you choose to propose, choosing Platinum Ring Company for your engagement ring will be one less thing to worry about knowing you have the most exquisite ring to propose with.