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Top 3 Proposal Mistakes!

Top 3 Proposal Mistakes!

Here at Platinum Ring Company, we understand how important and nerve-wrecking popping the question can be. Choosing our exquisite platinum engagement rings is a big step in the right direction, but what about the proposal itself? You have her dream ring to propose with made from the most precious and sought after metal so the proposal needs to be just as perfect. Read on for the Top 3 proposal mistakes to avoid!

1. Proposing with no ring

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the most stunning ring to propose with. You cannot get more perfect than our bespoke platinum engagement rings…but just to really get the point across in a recent survey, proposing with no ring was ranked as the number one biggest mistake a man can make when proposing.\r\nOur stunning platinum rings are sure to take your partners breath away and will make for a dream proposal. If you’re worried about getting the right size ring for your partner, you can order our free ring sizer so you can be positive you will achieve the perfect moment without a hitch. If you’re not set on making the proposal a total surprise many men take their partner ring shopping in advance. Half of women questioned in a recent survey said that they were involved in choosing their own rings. You can be sure that choosing Platinum Ring Company will be a sure win to find her dream engagement ring.

2. Proposing in front of a crowd

A marriage proposal should be an intimate occasion between just the two of you.  Although you may want to shout from the roof tops how this women is the love of your life, proposing should be a beautiful and intimate moment shared between you and your partner. Popping the question with an audience or in front of family was deemed by women in a survey as a big mistake when proposing. Your partner will not be able to truly soak up the moment if she feels as though she is on stage. Instead, the two of you should be in an environment where you can both slip into your own little world together before you surprise her with a beautiful platinum engagement ring.

3. Not Waiting For the Right Moment

Once many guys have made the decision to propose, they want to pop the question very soon after thus avoiding weeks of stress, secrets and suspicion. Once you have chosen your platinum ring you will more than likely be constantly aware of its presence hidden in that bottom draw or even burning a hole in your pocket. Despite desperately wanting to be able to breathe a sigh of relief, you must be patient and wait for the perfect moment. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you and blurt out those four life changing words whilst walking down the street!   However you choose to propose you can be assured Platinum Ring Company will have the most luxury breath-taking ring for that special moment to last you a life time.