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Creative Ways to Propose: Part 1

Creative Ways to Propose: Part 1

Presenting your girlfriend with one of our platinum engagement rings can be a daunting prospect. Firstly there is always the worry she might say no, then the issue of how to do it. Some men prefer the traditional approach like over dinner, on holiday, or on special occasions like New Year or Christmas, but some spend weeks planning the moment and racking their brains trying to squeeze out the most impressive and unique idea. Fear not, our unique range of diamond and platinum engagement rings will make the moment special but here are some unusual ideas to help inspire you if you’re looking for a proposal with a difference.

Vending machine proposal

Pick a place with a vending machine, maybe the cinema or a sporting event and ask her what she wants to drink. Sneak the ring in the bottom of the machine and when she goes to get her drink she will find the box holding the platinum engagement ring and you can get down on one knee. More than anything, this way of proposing will come as a total shock and there is something quite simple, quirky and fun about it.

Fortune teller proposal

Book her in with a fortune teller - women love this sort of thing. Make a deal with the fortune teller beforehand that she should tell your girlfriend she will soon marry, this is your cue to appear and get down on one knee and present her with a platinum engagement ring. This will probably make her cry, so you might need some tissues too!

The bathroom mirror proposal

Get a large piece of paper and write ‘will you marry me backwards’ and stick it to the back of the bathroom door. When your girlfriend goes in and shuts the door and looks in the mirror she will see the words the right way round. She will then open the door to come and see you where she will find you down on one knee!

Underwater proposal

Go to an aquarium for the day and pre-arrange with staff to immerse a giant canvass underwater amongst the sea life with the words will you marry me and her name. Imagine the shock on her face; this is definitely a proposal with a difference. You will tend to find that staff are generally very forthcoming in helping out when it comes to proposals; it adds an element of excitement to their venue too!  

Here are just a few ideas to get you started but look out for more unique proposal ideas in part 2 of this article. An unusual proposal should always centre around your platinum engagement ring purchased from the Platinum Ring Company, to make sure the moment is truly special. You will have a matching platinum wedding ring on her finger in no time!