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Upgrading Your Novelty Ring

If your partner was a little worried about how you’d react to a real engagement ring, he may have decided to play it safe with a novelty engagement ring. Let’s face it, novelty rings can be quite good fun and are guaranteed a smile at least, they will certainly be a talking point until you and your partner find time to look for the perfect platinum engagement ring. Novelty engagement rings tend to be quite cheesy and we don’t know why as they certainly don’t have to be.

Possibly the most common of all will be the sweet shaped like a ring from Haribo – only it does tend to get eaten fairly quickly! Maybe hula hoops are your thing and you find yourself parading for a few minutes with a hula hoop on your finger. Or perhaps in a spontaneous moment of thought, the trinket ring from the Christmas cracker was a great idea at the time and becomes a temporary makeshift engagement ring. However, when it comes to the real deal, there’s only one type of ring that will truly be adored. A platinum engagement ring.

Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we offer a superior selection of platinum jewellery including wedding rings, eternity rings and of course engagement rings. Perhaps you love the shape of your Haribo novelty ring. Whether it lasted 2 minutes before it was devoured or 2 hours, our simply stunning diamond solitaire collection is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Or perhaps you prefer a trilogy ring? Our exquisite range will not disappoint. With their purity and elegance, you’ll be the envy of all your friends once your temporary novelty ring has been upgraded to a platinum engagement ring.  Just don’t forget to take a few pictures of you wearing the novelty version, it’ll be something to remember and talk about in years to come!

View our gorgeous collection of platinum jewellery, including engagement and wedding rings on our website today. Should you have any queries at all or would like advice on which style to go for, please contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help.